SWAT Academy is devoted to the development of baseball and softball players with the goal of helping each player reach their full potential. Imagine joining an organized baseball and softball community with quality, experienced and dedicated coaches. Boys and girls are invited into a contagious atmosphere with lots of positive reinforcement. While some play this sport for a few months out of the year, SWAT continues to develop players’ year‐round.

SWAT Members are given full-access to a high quality facility that is maintained and upgraded routinely. We take great pride in giving our kids the best hitting tools and environment. Our facility is perfectly screened with re-tractable cages throughout and is fully astro turfed, perfectly suited for game-like conditions.

SWAT teams can hit.
Academy players enjoy an “all you can hit “, first‐access membership to the facility year‐round. Cages are reserved for its members certain hours of each week. We know this sport is a highly technical sport that is tough to learn; that’s why we reinforce to kids that the best way to excel at it is by committing themselves to practice and play more often!
SWAT protects practice times.
Academy teams practice weekly at The Grind Training Center and at our reserved outdoor fields within a mile of our facility. Each practice is scheduled  so that your practices are consistent, reliable and protected from double-booking.
SWAT has great coaches.
Before coaches are selected to lead SWAT teams, they are evaluated on certain criteria. Our coaches are knowledgeable about the game after years of coaching and playing experience. Many of our coaches are former Division I/II players and all have coached for several years at the college, high school and little league levels.
SWAT enables communication.
SWAT provides each family member access to a professional communications program called TeamSnap. This web-based tool helps teams to organize everything online from games and practice schedules to the team’s fundraising events and player statistics.
SWAT has connections.
SWAT leverages its buying power and partnerships to obtain the best pricing for its Academy including coordinating the purchase of all uniforms and equipment.
SWAT assists with fundraising.
We strive to make playing ball affordable for all families. SWAT has an official fundraising committee that helps each team generate ideas, organize events and reinforces to players the importance of getting involved to raise the funds needed for their season.
SWAT promotes positive culture.
This game is about the kids, not the parents. Coaches, players and parents are required to sign a Code of Conduct, which limits bad attitudes and poor conduct. Part of being an academy member is having SWAT there to reinforce these ideals and ensure your team has the best experience possible.
SWAT recruits.
We recruit players and coaches year‐round to ensure your rosters are full and teams have the ability to play as often as possible. We know how hard it is to find talented and passionate coaches and dedicated kids; but it’s what we do best!
SWAT Educates in the Off Season.
During October and November, SWAT offers an 8-week, off-season workout program that focuses on a variety of topics. This is included in Gold and Blue memberships, but anyone can pay to participate. Each week, players will meet with their workout group and focus on a particular skill set taught by only SWAT’s most experienced Academy coaches. Players will also spend time talking about game strategies and player preparation to develop their mental game, confidence and character.
Need more reasons to play for SWAT…come see for yourself.