We have had one of the BEST Rebel endings of 2020 that we can possibly ask for! MAJOR PROPS TO BRADLEY RICHARDSON! Class of 2021 from Community Christian School. Richardson plays 2B and OF for veteran Coach Anton Shinhoster and Coach John Robinson.
Bradley Richardson’s journey is one of PURE grit, never quit, never give up, never stop working, and never stop believing in yourself. He is a perfect example to all of us during this pandemic, especially the class of 2021, that now is the time to make it happen, not to take a break. Bradley did all of the right things for his team and played the role his team expected of him. He followed what he was told and did the work. He caught the eye of Southwestern Christian University and the rest is history; he earned it! Congratulations Bradley! We are so proud of your accomplishment and look forward to watching you play collegiate baseball. The next level work begins now!